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Occupational health prevention, sport-health therapy and telecare

Who is Alix?

Alix is a virtual physiotherapist-coach designed to improve health and quality of life thanks to a deep customisation.

Alix fits very well in various use cases: to improve the quality of life at work (QWL); to fight against lack of physical activity lifestyles and chronic illnesses; to provide telecare solutions for patients within dedicated medical pathways.

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Scientific proof: +63% motivation for physical activity

Alix is the outcome of a European research program run from 2016 to 2019 in Denmark and Finland. The initial clinical tests were carried out towards patients with severe respiratory insufficiency (COPD).

Alix impact:

Improving the lives of all by developing a medical solution for tomorrow ❣️

Alix for Business

You run or work in a Business ? According to your profile, our solutions are well fitted to your needs and the ones from your teams.

Alix for Consumers

Alix guides you to prevent and reduce health issues

Alix is an artificial intelligence connected to highly qualitative IoT sensors from an ecosystem of global partners. Alix is able to select the adapted exercises based on your goals and physical capacity.
Alix Fit
Alix respiration
Alix weight
Alix Trouble musculo-squeletiques
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)
Alix sommeil

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Alix demo at the Imagine Summit

Lots of great meetings on Beo Healthcare booth during the last edition of Imagine Summit event hosted by Le Poool in Rennes, France. Beo Healthcare demonstrated its AI, Alix following the invitation from Region Bretagne

Alix demo at the West Web Festival (Eu SWSX event)

Beo Healthcare, invited by the Brittany Region, had the pleasure of demonstrating Alix, its artificial intelligence service for Sport and Health, at the 2023 edition of the West Web Festival. Numerous exchanges with companies from all over France.

Presentation of Alix on a connected mirror at Salon Pro&Mer

With a wild card from officials (Brittany Region), Beo Healthcare and its live-coaching partner Better run demos in front of well know Tech experts, members of the French Tech initiative.

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