Workplace health prevention solutions

Physical activity is one of the key pillars of an healthy lifestyle.

Alix physical activity programs designed for business are built to fight and reduce workplace accidents and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) which have negative impact on work organization.

Alix is the 3D avatar of a sports’ coach, physiotherapist, and is programmed in the form of videos available on-demand online and or offline, and as an App.

We partner with a Qualiopi-certified business

Alix comes in...

fully customized video programs

created by one of our coaches or by your own

Benefit: in addition, a coach can come at your place to mentor your employees, for one session or all year round.

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a mobile App

with exercise sessions tailored to your needs.

Benefit: your employees can run their physical activities 100% remotely, in complete autonomy, with sessions customized to their profile.

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    Veolia Netra

    Stéphane Delys, business sports coach mentors drivers for their shift once a month.Alix's programs are tailor-made according to Stéphane's instructions, in the form of videos, and are available to drivers at their convenience.

    Decathlon Market Place Europe

    As part of the roll-out of its Sport-Santé service offerings, Decathlon has selected the Alix solution for sale on its marketplace in Belgium. Other European countries will benefit from the offering as the service is translated into different languages.

    EHPAD La Fondation de Plouescat

    Alix has been programmed for senior individuals. They carry out the adapted physical activity program by following Alix once a week with a live caregiver.The programs have also been completely fitted to the profile of disabled senior people.

    Société d'Assurances Mutuelles Bretagne-Océan (SAMBO)

    As part of a social scheme, SAMBO has signed a partnership with Beo Healthcare to make the Alix service available to its members only. The Alix service comprises a wide range of customized physical activity programs prepared in advance by sports coaches and healthcare experts.

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